Leucoderma, also known as vitiligo is a skin disorder that affects nearly 2% of the world population. Leucoderma, a Latin word, meaning ‘white skin' is caused by the destruction of melanocytes; the cells responsible for skin color.
       Surgical Treatment includes Micropigmentation surgery With this, white patches on the lips and nipples of the breast can be treated by this method. In this, artificial inert pigments which match the skin colour are injected in the upper layers of the skin by a special machine. This is an instant caumoflaging technique, effective particularly in dark people on lips and nipples,though it can be done on any skin surface. No stay is necessary.
       Skin Grafting Surgery is prescribed for those in whom leucoderma patches do not respond to medical treatment but are stable in size for at least a year. These can be removed surgically. In this operation, the superficial skin (epidermis) of the leucoderma patch is removed by dermabrasion. A very thin layer of normal pigmented skin of the patient is obtained and is implanted on this abraded leucoderma patch. Special dressings are put on this patch, which are to be removed after ten to twelve days. One can get rid of leucoderma patch by this operation in a short span of time at a very affordable cost. No hospital stay is necessary. We do Smash grafting also which is relatively new technique, requiring small piece of skin for a big leucodermic patch.
       Melanocyte Transplantation is prescribed when the leucoderma patches are large in size, skin grafting may not be possible as it is necessary to take out large amount of donor skin to cover the patch. In such cases, Melanocyte Transplant is preferred.